La couronne constructed model ship 1/123

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It is said that this ship named "Crown" in French was made against the British sovereign of the seeds, feared as "golden devil". A tulip-type hull and a bending quarter deck shape beautiful lines.
This kit is a kit made easy to make for the structural model with reference to the kit drawing of Mantua company.
There are 488 pieces in parts, including plates, round bars and 26 page drawings.
As it became sold out at the release date, this model is very popular among products of Ship Model Okumoto. We confidently recommend to the mid-level and veteran-level modelers who seek the beauty of the hull or pursue the pleasure of structure model.

Product Name La couronne (LC-SMO-K80)
Scale 1/123
Length(mm)* 510
Height(mm)* 175
Width(mm)* 103
Material Agathis, etc
Standard operation time about 180 hours
Parts count 488 pieces
Bundled items Manual, Drawings, Roundbars, Lumbers