Endeavor constructed model ship 1/80

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This ship was originally made as a coal carrier.
It is also famous as a ship used for the exploration voyage of British explorer Captain Cook.
This ship seems not to have gotten much speed, but it was quite sturdy and it was suitable for the exploration voyage.
This kit is based on Conway (Conway Maritime) Company's Anatomy of the Ship series "CAPTAIN COOK'S ENDEVOUR", and it is a kit made easy to make as a structure model. There are 626 pieces in parts, including plates, round bars and 44 page drawings.
The number of pieces is about 3.6 times more than Santa Maria.
It is especially recommended for the mid-level and veteran-level modelers who had experienced scratch & build and want to produce structural models more efficiently.
We think that you must be satisfied with the result when you complete it.

Product Name Endeavor (EV-SMO-K80)
Scale 1/80
Length(mm)* 429
Height(mm)* 130
Width(mm)* 126
Material Agathis, etc
Standard operation time about 240 hours
Parts count 626 pieces
Bundled items Manual, Drawings, Roundbars, Lumbers