Santa Maria constructed model ship 1/80

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In 1492, this ship is said that the Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus have been on board to discover the New Continent.
Many replicas and reduced models of this famous ship are made. However, there are various theories about its details, accurate truth has not been revealed yet.
This kit is based on Conway Maritime company Anatomy of the Ship series "THE SHIPS OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS", and it was made into a kit more easily as a structure model.
There are 173 pieces, including plates, round bars and 27 pages drawings.
The number of pieces is small, it can be made precisely and easily in a relatively short time.
We especially recommend it to those who are interested in the products of Ship Model Okumoto.

Product Name Santa Maria (LC-SMO-K80)
Scale 1/80
Length(mm)* 378
Height(mm)* 139
Width(mm)* 103
Material Agathis, etc
Standard operation time about 120 hours
Parts count 173 pieces
Bundled items Manual, Drawings, Roundbars, Lumbers